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IF furnace 1T
1T IF control cabinet
1T Frequency furnace
Baotou City Baofeng furnace Liability Co.,Ltd.
Baotou City Baofeng electric furnace Liability Co.,Ltd. is Inner Mongolia a renowned design and manufacture of a variety of professional induction heating furnace manufacturers.The company now has a large number of technical strength, abundant professionals. The company's service and product quality, since listing, the customer has been well received, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has becom...
·IGBT frequency heating equipment
·A number of high-performance electric SGOB Ox
·The first domestic low-temperature furnace fl
·A new high the successful development of a pu
·China's electric standard directory
·Smelting furnace method of classification, in
·Electric furnace industry and industrial rese
·The first domestic low-temperature furnace fl
·Domestic capacity of the largest electric tra

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